How often do you wish your child could learn in a nurturing yet challenging environment where his/her specific writing needs could be addressed? 

With our tutoring, your child will receive quality teaching an all areas of English class: from close reading and analyzing difficult literature to polishing class discussion skills, annotating a text and improving writing, your child will gain invaluable knowledge that will last a lifetime. 

If your son or daughter needs in person tutoring, we offer excellent services for you! Meet with a tutor once to see if the tutoring is a great fit, then register for 3, 5, or 7 sessions.

We offer effective, supportive tutoring for students in reading, writing, ACT/SAT English, reading and writing, and college essays, for students who need extra help, have completed the online course, or simply prefer learning with another person, Total Writing Enrichment offers a 1-on-1 tutoring program for students in the Northern Suburban Chicago and Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Want to learn how we will help your child?

Complete our short New Student Survey and we will schedule a call with you to discuss the best solution to meet your child’s specific needs.

Who will be my tutor?

Your son or daughter will thrive from excellent teaching by a certified teacher, a college graduate or undergraduate honors student, or a highly qualified professional who has demonstrated exceptional experience in the business world (for example, a former published magazine or newspaper writer or editor). Tutors are hired for their content area expertise, kind personalities, and excellent ability to work with students.

When do we meet?

Tutoring sessions take place after school, in the early evening, or on the weekend. Parents and tutors enjoy flexibility in determining a mutually agreed upon time; please note that tutors need 24 hours in advance of a tutoring session to cancel without charge.

Where do students meet the tutor?

Students and tutors meet in a variety of places from local coffee shops and libraries to students’ homes; please note there is a small surcharge when tutors have to drive to students’ homes.

What will students learn?

Students will receive help on their English homework, while also developing specific writing skills to become more confident, self-sufficient, and fluid in their writing.

What is the tutoring fee?

Prices vary depending upon the needs of the student and the location. Prices also depend on purchasing a group of lessons or individual lessons. Please email or call us to find out more information. Prices remain slightly higher if we meet in your home versus the library or a coffee shop.      312-330-5713


SevenQuick-Fix Essay Tips

SevenQuick-Fix Essay Tips

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