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Are you frustrated with the writing process? Are you a student looking to get help with finding the write words to reflect your thoughts?

Hi, I’m Amy Haskell, a writing coach, and after years of watching my students struggle with their writing, I found an effective way to teach essential writing skills that give students success, and today, I provide high school and college students with the tools on how they can brainstorm ideas, write effective essays, and eventually learn how to edit their own work, with simple comments and questions on Googledocs, efficient live sessions on GoogleHangOuts, and meeting in-person.

Students find immediate improvement with their writing, even if they’ve never earned a high grade before in their life!

Instructions on How to Send Essay:

Please send an email, by clicking on the link below. Please include the following information:

  • Student Full Name, grade in high school (or college)
  • Parent Name
  • Brief description of the essay directions
  • Due date
SevenQuick-Fix Essay Tips

SevenQuick-Fix Essay Tips

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