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English Class Tutoring – All From Comforts of Your Home – Reduce Time in Car! Utilize Easy Technology Your Kids Already Know and Love!

I understand the stress put on kids, teachers, and parents to help students thoroughly learn excellent writing skills through high school. I want to help students learn and master critical writing skills to maximize performance in the classroom as well as on standardized writing tests.

The Like An English Teacher in Your Back Pack Program includes the following:

Tutoring for four weeks, with a rolling start:

  • Tutoring Sessions via FaceTime, or Google Hangouts (I will explain all technology), as well as in-person sessions if needed. Students will receive the amount of tutoring he/she needs each week – some weeks, the amount of English homework is minimal; yet other weeks, the amount of work requires a lot of time, especially when an essay is due!
  • Constant communications like brief phone check-ins, text messaging, plus writing and learning through Google Docs.
    • Questions about writing, reading, brainstorming paper topics, or anything involving his English class; these live discussions benefit the kids as they receive quick answers and move ahead with their assignments.
    • Students and I maintain a constant flow of communication and they stay a step ahead of the reading and writing for English.
    • Mini-lessons on current writing assignments as I prepare students to grasp the five-paragraph essay and other process orientated writing genres.
  • Online editing and comments for students to learn through my questions and comments to develop critical thinking and writing skills; a continual process from start to finish on her writing.

Total Price for these services = $329, I estimate given all the above working approximately five-six hours per month.

Parents and I stay in close communication and we evaluate if the student needs more or less time as we work through the first month.

If everything sounds good to you, please Click Here to pay online through my secure website and register!

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