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Your junior high student will receive the basic building blocks of both creative and analytical writing through practical writing lessons enhanced with friendly audio guided teaching and well-crafted assignments.

Students who opt for the full course with feedback receive invaluable writing comments on up to six pieces of writing as writing is sent to instructor, reviewed, and given an abundance of writing suggestions.

Your Student Will Gain From This Course:

  • Narrative Essay writing skills
  • Paragraph Mastery
  • Persuasive Essay writing skills

More Detailed Description of Full Course with Instructor Feedback:

  • Three user friendly writing lessons including unique writing assignments and fabulous individualized feedback for students on each piece of writing, up to three revisions per assignments.
  • Student’s writing is read and given helpful comments by highly qualified instructor; students and parents keep and apply writing feedback to apply to future school writing assignments and to enrich writing skills. A fabulous course.

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