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Are you a parent who’s concerned because your teen must complete the college admissions essay and struggles with writing? Or, your high school senior loves to write but needs to take her writing to the next level to shine in the eyes of college admissions? Does your teen need to write effective college admissions essays yet keep up with another important school assignment?  I am here to guide you and your teen through the process of happily writing and effectively completing the college admissions essays!

As a former English teacher at a high school ranked #17 in the country by Newsweek, where I spent years watching high school seniors struggle with writing the daunting college admissions essay, I decided that helping kids with their writing, especially for college acceptance remains one of the most rewarding things to do! Reduce pressure! Polish up writing skills! Complete these scary essays and move on to college!! I LOVE it when I hear, “Mrs. Haskell, you gave my entire family peace of mind by helping me finish writing I can finally be proud of!”

After teaching writing skills and coaching positivity and confidence to thousands of teens, I’ve discovered there are a series of method-driven steps combined with wonderful creativity to complete a successful college essay – no matter a student’s writing level! I’ve put these steps together in a brand new course I’m hosting this summer and fall, entitled: “Write and Complete Your College Essay(s)!”

How Your Child Will Benefit from This Course:
Your child will learn how to choose a topic and organize the contents effectively so that when college admissions people review the essay(s) they recognize your child’s distinctive voice, note the engaging thoughts about his/her life, and recognize the potential for success your child has for college.

To register for the college admissions essay writing course, simply click the link below and submit your name and email on the next page. As soon as you do that, you’ll be re-directed to a thank you page for your confirmation details! Go ahead and click that link now and I’ll see you on the next page!

Click Here to Pre-Register your child,  this does NOT ensure your child’s spot on our course roster but will begin the application process for the college-essay writing course, we will contact you!

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