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Dedicated to teaching quality writing from
junior high through college and beyond.

“What is your child’s #1 struggle with writing? Amy Haskell of Total Writing Enrichment will help solve that problem! She taught my son more about writing in a month than he received in an entire school year!”

“After months of trying to navigate the tricky waters of college admissions essay writing, we found Amy and immediately saw the positive effects of working with Total Writing Enrichment. My daughter completed all essays in a short amount of time and had fun!”

Personalized Writing Instruction Integrated with Technology

Writing Skills Tutoring, Individual Essay Editing, Writing Analysis, Guided Learning Curriculum, Study Skills Junior High & High School, ACT/SAT, College Admissions Essay, College Paper Editing


To bring a solid writing foundation and confidence to every student we teach. 


Through writing analysis and consultation, we determine if your child needs urgent care with immediate essay help or if your child needs a writing course that teaches life long writing skills. 


Improvement in writing skills, classroom performance, and standardized assessments along with increased confidence and enjoyment of learning. Convenient to parents and students with anytime, anywhere learning – no carpools or restricted tutor schedules!

Experience why parents turn to us as the go to tutoring center to teach quality writing, boost school performance, improve standardized test scores, craft outstanding college essays and find unbeatable solutions for their children in school.

Essay due soon? We provide invaluable help on current assignments to allow your child to learn the necessary writing skills to improve a paper.


Boost those writing skills! An engaging course that teaches junior high students the most important components of how to become an effective writer. Students learn narrative and persuasive essay writing skills they will immediately apply to their school work. 

Is your child frustrated with low performance on school essays? Well, this course is the answer. Take the mystery out of how to achieve success with high school writing. An invaluable online course for rising and current high school students that cements the most important skills for both creative and persuasive writing.

Stand out among the masses with a stellar college admissions essay. Create clear and effective college admissions essays that make you the most ideal candidate for the college of your choice.

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My name is Amy Haskell, and my team and I help students find success with writing. As a high school English teacher for 15 years with two master’s degrees, I understand the high expectations kids face these days in trying to earn good grades, keep up with extra curricular activities, gain acceptance to college and find time for fun. My passion drives me to teach your son or daughter skills to improve their writing in the classroom, on tests, in college and for life. I instruct students in a variety of ways with tips on how to succeed in the classroom, a comprehensive writing analysis, online editing advice for current assignments, and convenient audio and video skills-building courses. I greatly look forward to the opportunity of helping your child and I encourage you to contact me as soon as possible! amy sig

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